Destiny: The Taken King Crucible Video Blowout – New Mode, New Maps, and Mercy Rule

The full expansion is set to come out next week, and PSLS will talk about that more then. For now, we’re looking at what’s coming in The Taken King Crucible. In the meantime, go watch the videos to see Rift mode in action.

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GamingWithMack1229d ago

A little preview of the new weapons, too. Nice!

XboxOneX1229d ago

Not really impressed at ALL with the weapons. I was hoping for a gun with a chainsaw like on gears of war. Or a a sword that transformed into a sniper rifle.


King-u-mad1229d ago

Destiny: Door to Door Warfare

Thunder_G0d_Bane1229d ago

I just wanna know is the spark of light available yet? If not ill wait til 15th ive set my Destiny to update tho.

Wedge191228d ago

Not until 9/15, when the leveling system changes.

Wedge191228d ago

Looks pretty fun! Love the backwards dunk into the rift.