A Touching Prospect: Reaching Out Into VR With the Oculus Touch

Imagine shooting arrows down from a turret as an enemy army advances upon your position, visually and audibly surrounding you as you defend yourself. Imagine haptic feedback delivering a satisfying pop into your palm as you smack a wickedly curved ping pong ball to the edge of your best friend’s side of the table, winning the match, as he stands shouting in his living room miles away. Imagine waving a wand or a staff in a fully realised environment and seeing the effects of your magic all around you. Imagine, young trainer, actually throwing a pokeball and releasing a Charizard that towers above you as you battle in a local pokemon gym. Maybe you’d simply like to sit down and enjoy an intimate conversation with your dad who lives across the country over a game of chess. All of this will be possible with the Oculus Touch.

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