NHL 16 Hands-On Preview - EA’s Hockey Franchise Looks to Get Back on a Winning Streak | COG

COG writes - After what many would consider a disastrous debut for the current generation of consoles with NHL 15 it seems like the team at EA Sports has gone back to the drawing board for NHL 16 and the series is back on track.

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Paulhammer1162d ago

Is this the year they change things enough to make it worth getting rid of NHL 08? Maybe.

Digital_Anomaly1162d ago

Still holding onto 08!?

I see your 08 and raise you NHL 95 and a copy of Blades of Steel! lol

Paulhammer1162d ago

Blades of Steel is the pinnacle of hockey games. Followed closely be NHL 94.

JohnnyXeo1162d ago

NHL 93 was way more legit.

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GrapesOfRaf1162d ago

15 had problems because they were developing the game on likely the same timeframe that they usually use, except this time there were four consoles to put it on. No surprise that 16 is much better considering now they have a base to improve upon.

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MercilessDMercer1162d ago

I do need to invest in a new hockey game...

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1162d ago

Me thinks I might have been right waiting for awhile. May just have to pick this one up.