The Social Pressure to Play Every Game

Rich Simpson: "I’m witnessing friends put in eight hour sessions whenever they can. Work colleagues coming in slightly bleary eyed because they just had to finish that one bit with an S Rank. While this may be down to the sheer majesty of the game, when did we start to feel the need to binge game with each big new title? "

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uth111140d ago

I don't understand it. I was never a day one gamer, unless it was a game I was really excited about. I'll play it when I'm in the mood, and finish it only if I'm enjoying it.

Ripsta7th1140d ago

I beleive you're talking about fallout 4
There is no way i aint getting that
Day 1

KyRo1140d ago

The one game that no one should buy on day one yet, everyone will buy it and act like its the best game ever even filled with a million bugs like the last two games and FO3 still got awarded GOTY. GOTY has been irrelivent to me ever since then tbh.

crazychris41241140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

I'm trying to do both. Getting games at launch but taking my time instead of rushing to beat it. Currently playing through Mad Max and I'm playing a lot almost every night to try and beat it by Sunday (Forza 6) but I'm also taking my time. I'll attack patrols, build up my strongholds, do stunts in my car, take screenshots and bring the fear level to 0. I can easily beat the game without doing stuff like this but I'm just having too much fun. I've put in 25 hours since launch and I'm sure I won't be done for at least another 10 hours. Will probably do a 2nd play through next year during the summer drought.

Will pick up MGS 5 next month so I have plenty of time to play before Fallout 4 drops.

Ripsta7th1140d ago

The game i play most of the time is bf4, a ps4 launch game
2 years old

LightofDarkness1140d ago

I abandoned the idea of playing everything a few years ago when it became impossible. They overcrowd the holiday season so much that things just fall by the way side and you don't have time to play most of the games that release around then even in the new year, as you're still battling a backlog from years previous and new releases.

I've been attentive with my Day 1 games this year, more tha previous it seems. I bought Type 0, Bloodborne, MKX, GTA V (PC: patience is a virtue :P), Witcher 3, and MGS V so far. I will be buying Halo 5 and Dragon Quest Heroes next month, and only Fallout 4 and Battelfront in November.

If you look at this, it's maddening the amount of games I've missed because I seriously have no time for them :

I have to cut so many games I'd really like to play but can't devote the time to.

philm871140d ago

I only buy the games I'm sure I'll enjoy and will give me good value for money. I've had the PS4 since launch and enjoyed every game I've bought, but I tend to play one game at a time (plus Fifa!), complete it, then sell it for a decent price. I bought GTA V for £40, completed it, and managed to sell it for £35, so I'm pretty happy with the value I got for that £5!
I've had Fifa 14, Battlefield 4, Killzone SF, Infamous SS, MGS V GZ, Fifa 15, Pro Evo 15, GTA V, Battlefield Hardline, Last of Us, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne, Dragon Age Inquisition, Witcher 3, Rocksmith 2014, Dying Light, CoD: AW, Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, AC Black Flag, Watch Dogs, MGS Phantom Pain.
Wow, after listing those I now know where the last few years have gone.

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