GamePlasma: Civilization Revolution DS Review

GamePlasma writes: "The Civilization series has a long history of PC exclusive games. The current franchise is up to its fourth PC installment and most recently was redesigned for console and handheld systems. Civilization Revolution takes the strategy games its fans know and love and bring it to the DS in a way that makes it easy to pick up for beginners and a satisfying experience for fans of the series who want to bring the game on the road.

Civilization Revolution is a turn-based strategy game that allows you to pick a world leader and develop your civilization from the stone age to the space age. The leaders are recognizable figures from world history, such as Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and Napoleon. There are 16 civilizations to choose from, each with its own advantages. The goal is to expand your civilization and win in one of four ways: Domination victory is won through conquering all other capitals, Economic victory is won through accumulation of gold, Cultural victory is won through amassing 20 great people, converted cities and wonders, and Scientific victory is won by building a space ship and blasting off."

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