Volkama3177d ago

Good! Heard it is a decent game but I missed out on it. I was hoping for a PC version and/or PS4/One remaster.

styferion3177d ago

It's actually one of the best RPG of last gen, if you ask me it's better than Skyrim(base game without mods and expansion).

Spyroo3177d ago

Better than Skyrim? LOL.

I played both and spent countless hours but this does not touch Skyrim in the slightest!

Savsky3177d ago

The combat system ALONE puts Skyrim to shame. Dragon's Dogma has some of the best combat only second to the Souls series imo.

Bimkoblerutso3176d ago

It's hard to compare the two, despite their sharing a genre. The exploration and scope has always been The Elders Scrolls' strong suit. Dragon's Dogma is DEFINITELY much better in the combat department. In fact it's some of the best in the genre, in my opinion.

And though I'm not a huge fan of Skyrim's story, it's still better than the WTF moments of Dragon's Dogma.

King-u-mad3177d ago

Finally! I've wanted this to happen for a while now. But I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since Dragon's Dogma Online. Just have to hope that gets a western release now.

Magicite3177d ago

Game is amazing, but it suffered from last gen limitations.

Kumomeme3176d ago

IT INDEED way better than skyrim

although certain aspect like world design(which is western devs usually excel at) better than Dragon Dogma..but other aspect like gameplay(which is should be main point of a game) was way ahead..even among recently released wrpg like witcher 3....Dragon Dogma gameplay literaly put other rpg to shame...true action rpg

although,skyrim combat was suck..witcher 3 combat also had very lot of flaw(which is one of department where western devs usually lack of and japanese devs excel at)

lot of people cant play skyrim and even some of them cant play witcher 3 after get a taste of Dragon Dogma gameplay...

beside...people had their own taste..if it doesnt suite you...well nothing can do...but i suggest people who didnt play it or even just play it a little give it second chance..with the pc port ,most of technical issue should be no longer problem..and taste the game in 60fps..it will be new experience to enjoy

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Neixus3177d ago

Finally! Now i can play this game as Mystic Knight without dropping down to 20fps.

Can't wait!

Volkama3177d ago

<glances over at Dead Rising 3>

mezati993177d ago

The game uses MT Framework engine. pretty sure any 7 years old PC would run this with no problems.

Razputin3177d ago

What was wrong with Dead Rising 3?

That game was amazing. The sheer amount of zombies on screen, the graphics, and game play made it even better.

The performance was good too.

Capcom is one of the few developers that tried to reach certain marks with their games on PC.

Resident Evils had 60FPS and more enemies on screen compared to console, DmC though developed by Ninja Theory had 120fps capabilities.

I'm confident they'll do right. Their DLC practices though are shady as hell, so I won't be buying the game full retail price.

Volkama3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Razputin, Dead Rising 3 is a notoriously dodgy port. Locked at a maximum 1080p and defaulting to 30fps, with cfg changes required to attempt 60 but no possibility of locking that framerate regardless of hardware.

It could be worse of course. It worked reasonably well on low-mid range hardware, it just didn't scale up very well for the high enders.

JJShredder3177d ago

Damn.....I will have to pick this up. Enjoyed the console version very much and should hopefully run great on PC!

Never played the Dark Arisen expansion stuff as well so that should be another good reason to come back.

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DanielGearSolid3177d ago

Guys this is a test!

If we buy it we may get DDO

AnotherProGamer3177d ago

Or better yet we get Dragons Dogma 2