10.0 Game Review: Soul Calibur IV writes: "Namco's "Soul" fighting series, starting off with Soul Blade way back in 1996 for the original Playstation, has always been top of the pile for fighting fans.

Twelve years on and Soul Calibur IV retains the series' love of not only a good scrap, but for innovation in a genre that desperately needs some fresh ideas.

Soul Calibur IV focuses on weapon-based combat, where a smart strategy is just as important as agile fingers and a memorised list of special moves."

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Viktor E4322d ago

"While the classic characters handle as well as they ever have, sadly the exciting prospect of controlling Yoda falls flat as many of his moves are uninspired compared to the rest of Soul Calibur IV’s cast."

Anyone surprised that the Xbox 360 exclusive character falls short,literally?

Viktor E4322d ago

I haven't practiced with Darth Vader,the Ps3 Exclusive character,in a while now.

I will be back later Tonight after I am done with my Free Online gaming only available on the Playstation 3.

4322d ago