Mad Max Review – What A Lovely Day for a Post Apocalyptic Skyrim | COG

COG writes: Three years ago, we sat down at E3 to watch a Mad Max demo. It was impressive and had us hopeful this would be the Road Warrior game we have all been waiting for. Max has finally arrived, delivering a memorable open world adventure

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JohnnyXeo1139d ago

With all the games coming out this falls into the wait for a sale pile.

SteamPowered1139d ago

Its $20 at CDkeys for PC.

Bobafret1139d ago

How is it so cheap? I am seeing but not believing.

SteamPowered1139d ago


Ive bought lots of games from CDkeys. They are trustworthy, if thats your concern. Bought lots of launch titles for less than $20. That damn GTAV still holding steady around $45USD though. :(

Paulhammer1139d ago

Glad to see this isn't as boring as it looks?

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1139d ago

Will have to give this game a try when I get some darn time. ARGH....all the games!!!!!!

Ocsta1139d ago

Man, reviewers simply cannot agree on this game. Regardless, I love it.

Digital_Anomaly1139d ago

I read an article the other day claiming that MM wasn't even a 10 buck game and I thought to myself 'Are you playing the same game as me?'!

I love it!

GrapesOfRaf1139d ago

There is no general consensus at all, it's strange.

AAWELLS091139d ago

Seriously? Who said that? The game is a blast to play.

Digital_Anomaly1139d ago

@aawells07 - It was an article on Forbes. The guy ripped the game apart! But hey, it's his opinion right? I definitely disagree but he backed up his thoughts (as questionable as his reasoning may have been).

SteamPowered1139d ago

How does it compare to Skyrim? I dont take that comparison lightly.

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1381139d ago

I wouldn't make a Skyrim comparison. I'm 30+ hours in and the story of the game is essentially "find a V8 engine", with very little in terms of side story. Bethesda RPGs are packed with narrative, big and small. Mad Max has even less story than Fury Road, but I still love it.

chippychan1139d ago

Yeah, when I think 'a Post Apocalyptic Skyrim' I think Fallout 3/NV/4.

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