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Clickonline writes: "Until Dawn is a bit of a triumph in everything from its glorious tech to its simultaneous skewering and service to horror. It’s a sterling example of what an interactive movie can be an absolute must for genre fans. Just try to keep everyone alive"

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Toiletsteak1163d ago

This game is getting amazing reviews, it makes me look forward to picking it up.

triple_c1163d ago

Wow, another perfect score. Sadly NONE of the perfect scores that this game is getting will appear on Metacritic but reviews from clickbait sites and blogs that people have never heard of like Digital Spy, and Quarter to Three will get approved. Idk why this game is a 79. This game deserves a Metacritic above an 80 at the very least but sadly Metacritic won't count any of the good reviews that this game is getting. It's almost seems as if Metacritic is purposely doing this to underscore this game

uth111163d ago

Until Dawn made it to 80 on Metacritic. It would be a little higher, but apparently their review system is weighted so some big name site(s) are holding the score down

Kratos0Ultra1163d ago

It's a bad system in my opinion. As those so-called reviewers always defend themselves saying "its just their opinion." That hardly sounds professional and therefore I think that all reviews should have the same weight in order to make things fair.

triple_c1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

It's back at 79 because some site called Toronto Sun gave it a 7 today.. See? This is what I'm talking about. This game has gotten a lot of perfect scores and not 1 perfect review of this game has been added to their site. They are not adding all the good and perfect reviews that this game is getting to their site but they're quick to add average or mediocre reviews from clickbait sites like Toronto Sun or sites no one has ever heard of..

TheDrunkenJester1163d ago

5/5 Seems a little too high, I'm liking the 80 on Meta, it feels about right for this game. Personally after playing it through twice I would rate it in the low 7's, but that's just my opinion.

guyman1163d ago

Luckily your opinion doesnt count

TheDrunkenJester1163d ago

It doesn't count to you I guess, anyone's opinion doesn't matter if you don't like what the person says about something you hold dear...

Antifan1163d ago ShowReplies(1)
alex1015941163d ago

I've played it twice, platinumed it, and will continue playing it 10/10 for me.

TheDrunkenJester1163d ago

Really? Honest question here... I beat it twice and once I realized my choices mean nothing in the end (besides who is alive and runs out the door) I felt cheated, because I was told my choices actually would change the outcome.

So my question is how after you platinumed the game and know the story can you keep playing this game and have fun? It's like watching a horror movie over and over when you already know the twist, but instead of it being over in 2 hours it's 6-8 hours of something you already know is going to happen...

alex1015941162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

@thedrunkenjester Yes! I keep seeing new scenes and different dialogue. I love these types of games so I will dissect it to extinction!

Ristul1163d ago

It has one negative review on Metacritic, no big surprise that it's the biased Digital Spy that is the culprit.

TheDrunkenJester1163d ago

Well to be honest I wouldn't have rated it all that high either, just not my type of game.

TricksterArrow1162d ago

Go home DrunkenJester, you're drunk. You're making a fool of yourself.

MasterCornholio1162d ago

That's like asking someone who hates soccer for his opinion on a soccer game.

What I'm saying is that if it isn't your type of game then why did you buy it?

I mean COD isn't my type of game so I never buy it. So why didn't you just avoid the game if you don't like the genre?

blakstarz1163d ago

This game seems like it plays like Heavy Rain...which is AWESOME! I'm definitely getting this!

gangsta_red1163d ago

Plays way better than Heavy Rain.

alex1015941163d ago

Agreed I love Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls but Until Dawn is unparalleled so far.

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