AceGamez: Too Human Preview

It is an admirable question: just what would the future be like if one believed in Gods, demons and myths as they once did? The future depicted in Too Human is a far more dangerous place, inhabited by goblin cyborgs and hulking mechanical monsters. It's too early to say whether Too Human will dominate the console market, but the game is definitely shaping up to be a winner.

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Viktor E4393d ago

Another Negative Preview

pumpkinpunker4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

this is a overall positive preview. The writer says the game is shaping up to be a winner and compares it to other AAA 360 titles.

somebody takes this guy's bubble. he keeps spamming threads with a bunch one sentence comments that he could fit in all one post. it's annoying.

Viktor E4393d ago

At this Rate,the Game will surely be canceled before the first Worldwide Commercial debuts

Viktor E4393d ago

I can already see the Graphics and Music score taking a huge hit due to the last gen hardware the game runs on