Dark Souls III Hands On Preview – And You Thought The First Two Were Punishing | COG

COG writes: Dark Souls III continues to push the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in critically-acclaimed and genre-defining series. We played the demo at PAX Prime and lived to tell about it.

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Paulhammer1134d ago

That's the problem with making things really hard - people expect that to keep escalating

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1134d ago

This game isn't my cup of tea, but seeing some videos from this 3rd version make me realize there are some gamers out there that love punishment. Good to see that they will be rewarded with more tough gameplay again.

Unyoked1134d ago

I can't wait for this game

Cy1134d ago

I have no idea how anyone has fun with these games, but it's nice to see things that aren't typical open world games being popular.

eyeDEVOUR1134d ago

Try playing one and you will know. Its not that hard. You just cant button mash. All games used to be this way. Even super mario on nes was two hits max and you were dead and you only started the game with 3 lives total. I guess alot of gamers now days dont have that experience which is sad and it probably is a source of why theirs so much cheating because they are used to instant gratification and winning...

Omnisonne1134d ago

Apologies, meant to press agree

Cy1134d ago

I played Dark Souls a lot, and grew up playing Mario, still don't get it. Dying constantly isn't fun to me and never has been.

eyeDEVOUR1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )


Well its not for everyone. But i do try to explain it a little in another comment below. Hopefully it may help a little but if not then no biggie. I have a feeling that you do wanna get into it since you are in here commenting on the game. Just remember to use death in the game for your advantage, after all its just a game mechanic and not really a punishment necessarily...

It also helps just to run in and purposely die several times just to overcome that fear. Unlike most games death isnt a big thing, it just plays on the illusion of it being bad because thats the way gamers have been trained throughout the years...

Revengeance1134d ago

Because it's a CHALLENGE. Not every game has to hold your hand.

Omnisonne1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Its kind of this emotional roller coaster (due to the difficulty) that gives DS a certain edge I think

Common cycle in Souls games:

1. Enjoy going through levels with relatively easy enemies.
2. Run into a ridiculously hard boss at the end of level.
3. Get annoyed after your 10th death by said boss, sweaty hands
4. Stop playing the game because of frustration, tell yourself you're done with this shit.
5. Try the boss again after many tries (and/or a 2 day break) with absolutely no hope of making it.
6. Finally defeat the boss and feel like the happiest person on the planet
7. Repeat

Aside of all that, the grim fantasy setting is also something special

eyeDEVOUR1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Well sometimes you just gotta grind first. The souls games have a false illusion of having stages in the classical sense where you start at the beginning of a level and play through it to fight the boss. Although it is built that way design wise with the layout, its not meant to be played that way. You actually need to grind in most cases in other stages/levels to get the things/items that are good for the stage you are trying to progress through.

I hope i explained that well for new players to understand. That actually happened to me when i first played demons souls and i didnt play another souls games for a few years because i didnt know that basic concept of how its meant to be played.

And to be completely honest i used an amazing wiki that the community had put together too learn the basics that helped me get into dark souls. Now some people say that they dont wanna have to wiki a game to learn how to play it and others say that its like cheating. Either way you look at it im so glad i did. I was just really determined to play that game and it was a revival of gaming for me... I wouldnt change a thing!

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