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A spectacular package that meets the high expectations of race driver wannabe’s the world over. If snow and sleet were added to it, it’d be perfect.

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FlexLuger1162d ago

T10 takes the pole to the podium. Loving all these scores. the game truly deserves it. T10 and playground can only go upwards from here in future games. But alas. lets enjoy this beauty. Its time is now.

Rookie_Monster1162d ago

Agreed. The beauty of the two studios working together is no doubt very beneficial as one takes ideas and from one amother to improve really is the best 1-2 racing punch in gaming.

3-4-51162d ago

Getting good reviews all around. Looks like they delivered.

sweetgbus1162d ago

Really enjoyed the demo. I have a strong feeling that I'm going to enjoy the actual game a lot more.

user99502791162d ago

That was my impression too. Kind of like "ok, this is great, but this 24p online multiplayer once I find a car that really works for me is going to be bonkers". In that way, I think the demo did exactly what it needed to do.

BABY-JEDI1162d ago

For a 6 is a thing of beauty 😍

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