Ubisoft Wants to Know Which Games You Want for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

SegmentNext - Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility feature is the hottest and most talked about post-release functionality of the console. It was announced at E3 2015 and since then many games are revealed to be compatible with Xbox One.

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donthate1134d ago

All good games, except I never tried Hawx.

Really glad Ubisoft is open to this and they really should be appreciated for this. Way to go Ubisoft!!!

BattleAxe1133d ago


UnholyLight1133d ago

Its been forever since ive logged in but I would die happy if RUSE became a backward compatible game. I still play the crap out if it, was quite an underrated game.

One of the last games aside from Skyrim and Halo Reach that had me holding onto my 360 so long

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Volkama1134d ago

Can't see a reason for the survey, besides drawing a bit of attention to their IPs. Just release all of them, it's no significant work on Ubisoft's part.

SirJoJo1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Took the words right outa my mouth, I was literally thinking the same thing.


Exactly....why ask which games? Just give MS the permission lol.

You will be really messed up if they are really trying to check demand or gauge interest for old games only so they can "remaster" them and sell them to us themselves.

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freshslicepizza1133d ago

the only work would be any online multiplayer. other than that you're correct. just give the green light.

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FlexLuger1134d ago

Bring em all. I have some of their XBLA games so that would be nice too.

SegaGamer1134d ago

Exactly, there is no point only making a select few available. Make them all BC.

ScorpiusX1134d ago

AC Rogue, ADGW, lets say the entire Ubisoft catologue of games .

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The story is too old to be commented.