Take a look at Hearts of Stone, the first expansion for The Witcher 3

Hearts of Stone, the first real expansion for the Witcher 3 is coming soon. Well, soon-ish. It’s scheduled to arrive at some point in October, bringing new content for those who’ve played through the game, and possibly even run though a second time thanks to new game plus.

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moonstormer1134d ago

have you even finished it yet?

GavinMannion1134d ago

I finished a section, does that count?

bloodybutcher1134d ago

I finished it, playing ng+ on deathmarch now.Pumped for more content i am!^^

moonstormer1134d ago

dammit, i haven't even had time to play this yet, and already there is MORE

Takwin1133d ago

It will be just fine to finish the game before or after. Waiting until it releases means you can just roll straight into the level 30+ xpac right after beating the regular game.

ElleGee1134d ago

I think i'll still be playing MGS V in mid October.

Nekroo911133d ago

MGS online is coming out in October, so i'm sure alot of people will be playing it.

Immorals1133d ago

Fingers crossed they sort out their lingering connection issues, don't want kojimas last game soured in a gta online style overload :p

shammgod1134d ago

once you think you're out...they suck you back in!

Looks good! Can't wait to jump back in

ZaWarudo1134d ago

A little sooner than expected! i was thinking early 2016.

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