New on PlayStation Store: Tearaway Unfolded, Beyond Eyes, Leo’s Fortune, more

PS Blog:
First and foremost this week, Media Molecule’s delightful PS4 adventure, Tearaway Unfolded, arrives on PlayStation Store. If you missed it on PS Vita, now’s the time to dive in. And if you played it on PS Vita? Well, the PS4 version boasts all manner of new bells and whistles, so why not come back for more?

Elsewhere, look out for stylishly spooky 2D mystery Knock Knock, elegant watercolour adventure Beyond Eyes, fluffy puzzle platformer Leo’s Fortune and classy retro romp Curses ‘N Chaos.

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XboxOneX1163d ago

I love the original Tearaway vita and am look forward to Unfolded using the DS4.

GribbleGrunger1163d ago

If you have a US account you can download the demo now. I've played it and it's great.

Toiletsteak1163d ago

Oh so there is a demo, someone told me earlier that there was but i am from the UK so thats why i couldn't find it.

meday3541163d ago

Beyond Eyes is a unique game u all should give it a try.