PSN Downloadable Games: Why we love them

Sev1512 of PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

I am getting older, and with age comes responsibility, with responsibility you have less time for yourself… Less time for gaming.

PSN downloadable games are the perfect solution for a lack of time. They don't require many hours of dedication, and they don't command a hefty price tag. You can play them for a couple hours, or just a few minutes. They don't even require you to leave the comfort of your couch. Such accessibility is needed in this fast paced world. Especially for us "older" gamers.

PSN titles, are also the answer for the ever growing development costs that tend to hinder variety and innovation. It allows a developer to take a chance with a fresh idea, no matter how bold, and even if it flops, it won't put the company under. Examples of this have already been seen with flOw, PixelJunk Eden, and the much anticipated Linger In Shadows.

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Viktor E4323d ago

I fully agree with the Author of the Article,PSN offers a much more creative,diverse,and engaging Game Library than the Competition

Deviant4323d ago

Sev512 hope u dont forget to post some Hardware2 screens tomorrow

ageoflight4323d ago

You said on AUGUST 3, you'll show us HARDARE 2 screenshots. i hope you keep your promise.

demolitionX4323d ago

and PSN games worth each penny!

PimpHandStrong4323d ago

i can find them by me and i have used them to get a couple real good games from PSN.

PSN is growing up nice and these little games are very good for the most part

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