Final Fantasy vs Metal Gear Solid - Who wins?

GE writes: "I have a love for both Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid. But what is the better series? This is a very hard question with only opinions that can decided. If I tell a die hard Final Fantasy fan that Metal Gear Solid is better they won’t change their mind no matter what I would say. But I’m going to look at what’s better anyway for a bit of fun. And see if I can find a winner looking at it from a few different angles. If there is one?"

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DarkOcelet1139d ago

Aside from FFXII. The two are still amazing franchises for me.

But there is no comparison between the two at all. One is a stealth shooter and the other is an RPG game.

Aggesan1139d ago

FF XII is one of my favourite FF's. Funny how taste differ :)

DarkOcelet1139d ago

Sorry, i meant FFXIII. FFXII is actually my favorite FF game. I still think Balthier and Fran are the best duo in the whole series.

Summons751139d ago

They are two VERY different games in two VERY different can you even begin to compare? Personally, I'm a huge fan of both franchises.

DemonChicken1139d ago

Exactly what I was thinking - like comparing apples and oranges

LightofDarkness1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

They're hardly comparable, besides a focus on story above all other attributes. One has a sprawling, cohesive narrative with persistent lore, while the other re-imagines itself with every numbered entry. So again, not really comparable. Both are great though (most of the time).

I always thought a fun mash-up would be Resident Evil x MGS. Never gonna happen now, though.

Solgrim1139d ago

Is it safe to assume from the title alone that this was written by a time traveling 14 year old from 1998?

LightofDarkness1139d ago

Most likely. His next article will be "Why Pokemon and Nintendo Are For Babies" and a short video on "The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin."

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The story is too old to be commented.