Ex-Bungie Joseph Staten Confirms He's Helping On Xbox One Exclusives But Not On Halo 5

Former cinematic director at Bungie 'Joseph Staten' recently joined twitter and denied any Halo 5 involvement. Staten does confirmed that he is helping out on Xbox One exclusives 'Scalebound', 'Quantum Break', 'ReCore' and 'Crackdown'.

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BartMoons1140d ago

I wonder what his writing skills would bring for the coming Xbox One exclusives. While his writing was good for the first Halo titles, Destiny's story proved thin.

aviator1891140d ago

From my understanding, much of Staten's work on Destiny was cut and dramatically scaled back by the higher ups. From that, I think Staten left Bungie/Activision to seek more control over his work.

VER1ON1140d ago

according to Staten he left Bungie to 'tackle new creative challenges'

wakeNbake1140d ago

Thats because Activision butchered his story and he left because of it,which led to the game being delayed for a year and the nonexistant plot we have now. This was documented in court papers for the Marty O'Donnell case.

Automatic791140d ago

No wonder Destiny was so bare bones

pompombrum1140d ago

Lol by the time Bungie's partnership ends with Activision, they'll have no talent left. They're going to be Activision's next IW

VER1ON1140d ago

I think the fact that Destiny has a thin story might have been due to Joe Staten leaving for MS - after all Joe left a year before Destiny actually released.

spicelicka1140d ago

That would make a lot of sense. And I think it's pretty obvious that destiny main problem with story isn't that it's bad, it's the lack of story, which is basically because it was cut short.

I'm sure he had great plans for it that activision ruined, and so he decided to leave.

Paytaa1140d ago

I think a lot of that had to do with Activision having a lot of control on where the story in Destiny went since most of the content that expands on the story is found in the DLC/Expansions. Joe Staten is a fantastic writer, Contact Harvest was a great Halo novel and even the writing in Marathon and Myth was very solid. Shame he can't go back to Halo primarily but his touch will definitely help make the upcoming Xbox exclusives even better in storytelling.

VER1ON1140d ago

I do wonder how in the world he has time to do writing for 4 exclusives. Although they don't release all at once, 4 exclusives is hard work.

aviator1891140d ago


I don't think he's taking full writing responsibilities for all of those titles.

He says that he's helping out. That can range from guidance and counseling on writing to taking bits of writing responsibilities to drafting out the general direction of the story.

ZwVw1140d ago

Staten has range. He also did writing for Sunset Overdrive.

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FunkyGoron1140d ago

I think his story would have been much... meatier than the one we had/have in Destiny.

I think Destiny's plot is a good "act 1". It could have been better if it would have been more fleshed out, but we were left with barely skin and bones IMO.

spicelicka1140d ago

This is actually amazing news. The dialogue and direction in halo cutscenes has always been beautiful because of this guy.

VER1ON1140d ago

True, Staten did work for Halo 1, 2 and 3 if I recall correctly and those were amazing.

headspin1140d ago

Bungie as in the team that made the halo games is long gone now, only bungie in name nowadays, most of them left for other ventures with a chunk of those that left went to 343i.

ScorpiusX1140d ago

Actully a good number stood at MS to help form internal team 343 Industries . I just wish everytime 343 did something people would stop caparing it to Bungie and just give 343 credit without the bloody comparision .