Apple TV Microconsole Will Succeed Where Ouya, PlayStation and Amazon Failed

This article at Grab It explores the reasons why Apple can succeed in the microconsole space where others have failed.

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SlappingOysters1161d ago

Yeah I reckon this article nails it on the head. For some reason mainstream will suddenly "get" a Microconsole if it is an Apple product.

freshslicepizza1161d ago

that is only if apple can somehow convince cable suppliers to let go of the noose. i don't see it happening anytime soon.

FarEastOrient1160d ago

Apple needs to fix the curation problem of the app store.

N81161d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. You will have the usual people who didn't even knew this type of tech existed until apple did it.

sarahnade1161d ago

I think, if anything, Apple would be best taking a shot at Nintendo and filling the gap the Wii U Never filled. Big job, I know. But with the rumours of motion controls being bandied about and Apple's penchant for sappy video montages - you can imagine how the presentation would go down should they decide to go take this road.

CoyoteHunter1161d ago

If anyone has the ability to succeed in this space, it's going to be Apple. I think the genuine cult following that the company has for its gadgets surpasses anything like those other companies. Will love to see where this all ends up in a year's time.

Summons751161d ago

Or looking at history it won't succeed because this isn't what gamers want. We want REAL consoles with real games. I don't need another device I can play Candy Crush on, that so called game is boring and claims to be original when it just stole everything from other games. Sorry apple, you clearly don't understand the gaming industry as much as the fools who made Ouya did.

mixelon1161d ago

Ubergamers aren't the primary target market. They don't need to attract the main console gamers..

N81161d ago

Real gamers don't want this stuff for gaming. Mobile games pass time I can't give it the same respect as a console or PC game. Just my opinion of course

SirBradders1161d ago

People will only lap this up from media hype and the huge advertising they do. My phone already does the microcontroller crap and ps360x already is cheap enough to have a quality system. Alk this would be is another example of mindless consumers.

ruefrak1161d ago

Spot on. If the Apple TV is indeed going to be $150, then it's probably dead in the water. For $200 you can get a PS3 which can also double as a dvd/bluray player. What advantage does a suped up Apple TV provide? It'd be an inferior gaming machine and a more expensive media streaming device.

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The story is too old to be commented.