Destiny 2 was originally planned to release this month

Destiny 2 had originally been scheduled to release later this month, according to documents posted online following the legal battle between Marty O'Donnell and Bungie.

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n4rc1139d ago

well yeah... but destiny didnt release in 2013 did it?

thats all out of date and was only anticipated at that.. that old info just happened to be in a contract that included the composers legal drama so its been published. its no longer relevant

Allsystemgamer1139d ago

True but they're in court again now over false advertising.

pompombrum1139d ago

False advertising? What is the story there? Not heard about any court cases other than with Marty

aviator1891139d ago

Can you link me to the false advertising court case?
Just want to read up on it.

donthate1139d ago

I smell the toxic relationship going on over at Bungie and Activision will eventually result in another lawsuit between them.

Oh well, Bungie has gone total [email protected] now so it doesn't matter if they get free of the Activision clutches.

ninsigma1138d ago

I looked up the false advertising case you mentioned but all I got was people wanting it to happen and the case from 2007 where they were taken to court for false advertising on halo 3. Have you a link for this new case??

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_-EDMIX-_1139d ago

Agreed, I was just going to point that out. That leak also stated 2013, thus I would assume they mean 2016 for Destiny 2.

They might have revised the contract to fit the 2014 release and we just haven't seen it yet.

Good point and beat me to it lol.

n4rc1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

id imagine its pretty old.. they hadnt even named the game yet! lol

this looks more like a proposal rather then an actual contract.. one can assume they have since figured out all the details and now have a proper roadmap that we still dont know. well.. we probably do..

release > 2 dlc > comet > 2 dlc > repeat lol

Jmanzare1139d ago

I bet the taken king was originally planned to be destiny 2 but after the backlash due to the lack of content in vanilla they decided against it. Just a theory

SirBradders1138d ago

Doubt it the original game was meant to release in 2013.

pompombrum1138d ago

I'd say it's more likely that the year one DLC packs and TTK were a part of the original Destiny game but cut out to meet deadlines then repackaged and sold to us to extend the game's longevity and make more $$$$

ScorpiusX1139d ago

Destiny 2 so basically a reskinning of the first game with more 40 dollar expansion packs . No thanks

UKmilitia1138d ago

i wonder if it all fully carries on so that u can playall of destiny 1 and 2 together.

SirBradders1138d ago

It has been confirmed that your characters will transfer over so I assume you can still play the original content as you have paid for it. Might be some character transfer thing so your original characters are in both.

brokenbracket1139d ago

I probably won't buy another Destiny game until it comes to PC, and is no longer a caterer to the old age PS3 and Xbox 360. I'll also be a smart consumer and wait for the GOTY edition since apparently Bungie and Activision like to bleed out their customers.

donthate1139d ago

A smart consumer would just avoid the sh!t that Activision and Bungie sells.

Buy games from developers that are friendlier to gamers!

Ashunderfire861138d ago

Like the Witcher 3 developers!

KwietStorm1138d ago

Bungie has always been a huge community friendly studio. None of us knew that Destiny would turn out the way that it did.

donthate1138d ago


Yeah, Bungie WAS a community friendly studio under MS leadership.

Now, they just want you throw money at the screen, sell you a [email protected] game, and oh resell you the same game you already bought and pay extra!

"None of us knew that Destiny would turn out the way that it did."

Yeah, because Bungie lied to you and sold you something else thant what it turned out to be!

Kalebninja1139d ago

I'm disgusted that they planned expensive dlc for all the games before they even released the first. The only game I think could justify a $30+ dlc is ff 14 which released as a full game with loads of content and then released the expansion equivalent to another game.

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