Sony, where are my JRPGs?

Aeropause writes:

"So I received my latest issue of EGM in the mail yesterday, and for those that do not have a subscription this month's theme is Japanese video games, developers and culture. They even devoted a two-page spread to three upcoming JRPGs, which all happen to be released by Square Enix. Oh, and they all happen to be released for the Xbox360. The three titles discussed are Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant, and Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Now luckily one of these will be coming to the PS3 as well: The Last Remnant.

This got me thinking: Sony, where are my JRPGs? "

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socomnick3818d ago

They are actually on the xbox 360.

incogneato3818d ago

Disgaea 3 + Valkyria Chronicles > all other rpgs on current gen consoles combined

sonarus3818d ago

Yea but star ocean and last remnant are coming to PS3:)

MazzingerZ3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Don't have that much time to game, mid 30's father of 2... Valkyrie Chronicles + Eternala Sonata this year are enough for me, I wanna play R2, LBP and the other titles as well....I just remembered Fallout 3!!!...not everybody needs more games but more time...and MONEY!!...this thing about the JPRGs is getting old

TheColbertinator3818d ago

Just hold on.White Knight Chronicles and its release date will be shown at Tokyo Game Show

Rob0g0rilla3818d ago

Well, the good ones. haha

TOSgamer3818d ago

Sony will get them eventually but they'll have to wait.

InMyOpinion3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

"Disgaea 3 + Valkyria Chronicles > all other rpgs on current gen consoles combined"

You got 7 agrees for that one lol!

socomnick3818d ago

Thats because Disgaea 3 + Valkyria Chronicles suck :P

Mainman3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

I heard that Ken Kutaragi had opened a studio at Namco Bandai and that he was working on 3 PS3 exclusive's. I am guessing they are all RPG's?

I think Famitsu recently showed a couple of pictures from 1 or 2 of those games.

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Viktor E3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

How so many AAA Quality titles can be under 1 Platform is simply amazing.

pumpkinpunker3818d ago

he keeps spamming threads with one sentence posts. take his bubbles

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3818d ago

...When 'QueefyB' comes back there is not going to be any space on this to Comment!!! ;-D

@Viktor E ;) Your right...'How so many AAA Quality titles can be under 1 Platform is simply amazing' Thats the PS3!!! ;)
A few more JRPGs and it will be even better ;-P

+Whys he say - 'Sony, where are my JRPGs?' My??? Does he own then!!! ;-D

Breakfast3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

"My, albeit shallow, PS3 library consists solely of FPSs, a certain Tactial Espionage Action game and a couple of downloaded strategy games."

Thats what they call xbox syndrome. It usually causes the console to be last.


TheMART3818d ago

Yes that was last gen with the XBOX1

The PS3 is now in that position.

The 360 has the position that had the PS2 last gen. Out one year before the direct competition, most support, most genres covered. With the price of 200 bucks this Christmas, including the new casual gamers also reached with the avatars etc. PS3 could have a problem there with the lack of genres covered.

Viktor E3818d ago

I feel like the RPG Bar will have been raised by Nomura to an entirely new Level

ageoflight3818d ago

THE PS2 was the home of JRPGs...the SOURCE.
What happened? Why are getting 24/7 SHOOTERS?!!? I am SICK AND TIRED OF SHOOTERS!!!!
And they just don't stop!!!!

Sonics0203818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

We have like 2 or 3 exclusive shooters no more than than 360 has. In fact most of the games being released this holiday season are not shooters and you also have to remember that RPGs take longer to develop and that is why this holiday is when you will see the first 3 JRPGs for PS3 being released. Look at 360 last year and the JRPGs they had Versus PS3 this year and the JRPGs that are coming to PS3. PS3 has the much better JRPG lineup. I think next year Japanese devlopers would be foolish not to release JRPGs on Sony's console.