Extreme Gamer: Hail to Chimp Review

Extreme Gamer writes :"Hail to Chimp release date couldn't be placed better as the American Presidential race is narrowing down to the last two candidates. Just like the American population putting their faith in a new leader, Gamecock Media Group puts their faith into Wideload games ambitious party game. Hail to the Chimp is anything but normal with its animalistic political satire. Opening the gate to the cage, we investigate the box with the blue monkey.

Hail to the Chimp's comical approach introduces the player to its unique game concept through a politically charged storyline. Based around finding a new king for the animal kingdom, the player takes part in the election process that features the other animals around the globe who are trying their hand (or should I say clam) at democracy. Crowning a new animal king needs a impartial rating system which cues in the clams that serve as the official count for the election. Each animal that put their name in the hat is out for some chowder and you will battle it out with the contestants in a number of basic beat em' up mini-games until a new king is crowned."

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