Petition emerges for unreleased MGS V ending to be produced

On Sunday, Pixel Dynamo reported that fans of the canon-ending Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were angry about a piece of content being dropped from the game’s eventual release. Today, the very same fans have created a petition to see it produced.

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the_dark_one1140d ago

so basically they are asking for MGS6.

im just joking here

Timesplitter141139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

something tells me Konami is already on it, and will release it as DLC, possibly along with MGO

equal_youth1139d ago

I can clearly seeing them holding back an entire chapter. It felt like chapter 3 went missing completely.

As much as i hate konami and DLC politics in general I DEMAND MY CHAPTER 3!!! NOW!

gif1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

I don't think so.Kojima has left,Konami won't care anymore.

Panchiko make most money for them why would they care about some DLC.They would rather to focus on next MGS or PES.

PaleMoonDeath1139d ago

GOOD! Left here wanting more, some plot lines aren't even finished yet.

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JoakimMogren1139d ago

Please spread the word, we need this, MGS fans need this, I NEED THIS!