Video Game Retailer GAME forced to apologise over Super Mario Maker pre order mess

UK Video Games retailer GAME have been forced to apologise after many customers were charged for multiple copies of Super Mario Maker for the Wii-U. In some cases customers looking to purchase the highly anticiptated Nintendo title were charged for 7 separate copies despite only ordering 1 copy of the game.

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pompombrum1138d ago

Hope those effected by this have an easier time getting a refund than I did when it happened to me a while ago.. had to call them five times and took about three weeks to get my refund sorted.

goku1138d ago

I got charged for 2 copies here's hoping they refund me back the money.

djplonker1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Make sure this is the last time you use game they are a joke... Last game they screwed up preorders before this was mgsv a week ago.

Use simplygames/shopto instead trust me!

Mikito111137d ago

Never use game to pre order anything anymore myself, they are useless