Is FIFA The Best Party Game Available?

Ask yourself this question: You’ve got your friends round, and you all decide you want to get playing on your console of choice. What game do you play?

The choices are inevitably endless, yet the decision is immensely difficult. You and your friends will all have a preferred choice of party game, be it one of strategy and cunning, a fast paced shooter or simply a hilariously frustrating quiz title in which you discover you can’t remember as many Take That Number 1s as you thought. In Jez's experience, there’s only been one gaming series that has stood out to him as the instant go-to games for a group of friends to get stuck into, and that is FIFA.

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Geobros1163d ago

The best "party" game I have ever played was Mario kart 64 and Goldeneye.

SaveFerris1163d ago

What about the 'Mario Party' games? Or Ubisoft's We Dare? /s

SourtreeDing1162d ago

Mario Party died after 3 sadly :(

Fro_xoxo1163d ago

Fifa really is the best party game.. especially when all your friends are football fans.

pompombrum1162d ago

Best party game available is hands down Bishi Bashi Special, so many awesome memories with that game.

Allsystemgamer1162d ago

I'm having a rocket league party right now! BYOB!! Insane aerials going on here