Second Take: Gaming's Biggest Disasters

Ben and Rob pick the five biggest disasters in the history of video games including Atari's 'E.T.', the Virtual Boy , and a bomb from John Romero.

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Viktor E4393d ago

The Xbox 360 seems to have been omitted

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4392d ago

...i can't my xBox 360 burnt it down!!! ;-D

Viktor E4393d ago

There is no disaster greater than the Red Ring of Death

Viktor E4393d ago

To say that the RROD is equivalent to the Atari E.T Disaster would be a bit of a stretch,the RROD fiasco is more in tune with the Virtual Boy release

TheColbertinator4392d ago

The release of Two Worlds on the PC and Xbox 360.Ugggghhhh!

A technical and buggy nightmare

360rxorz4392d ago

The PS3 has to be the biggest gaming disaster. Who would pay so much money for something with outdated tech, no games (the few it has are overhyped and no good), and will be dead in a years time.

stormymctard4392d ago

ur ignorance is amazing u have to be the most biggest ignorant xtard i have ever seen

whoknew4392d ago

and here I thought I was a xtard but you 360rxorz...WOW.

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The story is too old to be commented.