Germany to Get Fallout 4 Uncut Version, What Does That Tell You?

SegmentNext - we know that Germany is among those few countries that are somewhat allergic to games that feature a lot of violence (at least their censor board is) and they have shown it a number of times in the past.

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Angerfist1135d ago

Let me tell you as a german that even Sniper Elite 3 Released uncensored in germany. And they glorified the killing of ppl basically.

The amount of censorship was much worse in the Ps2/ early PS3 era.

JsonHenry1135d ago

It tells me that Bethesda has paid off the right bureaucrats.

BattleAxe1134d ago

"Germany to Get Fallout 4 Uncut Version, What Does That Tell You?"

It tells us that with the migrant crisis, Germany has far bigger things to worry about than video games right now.

irgei1135d ago

That article is quite useless now.. We (Germany) have become cool and censorship is no longer that much a problem.. we got the newest Mortal Kombat uncensored!! The only thing, everything like nazi-symbolic still gets banned...

Right now I'm mostly concerned about US games and their mostly unpredictable censorship of 'perverted' stuff :|

Yi-Long1135d ago

Well, The Last of Us (mp) was censored in Europe because of Germany, and also some small stuff in God of War Ascension.

-Foxtrot1135d ago

Can't believe we all suffered for one country

Things like this is why I want the UK out of Europe.

kraenk121134d ago

Lies. The last of us was released uncensored in Germany.

Yi-Long1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

@Kraenk. The EU release of The Last of Us, both on PS3 as well as on PS4, had censorship in the MP of the game. Just look it up on Youtube or whatever.

Hoffmann1135d ago

Germany to Get Mortal Kombat X Uncut Version, What Does That Tell You?

MKX was the most likely most violent and brutal game in 2015. If we get something like that here without cuts, we sure won't get a cut version of Fallout 4.

LightofDarkness1135d ago

Germany promised back in 2012 it was going to relax a bit on that stuff. Australia too have introduced an age certification bracket that allows the release of games like MKX.

_LarZen_1135d ago

It tells me that Fallout 4 will be more or less a children's game.

Summons751135d ago

Children's game...rated M for Mature. You are or will be one of those parents who let's their child run around unchecked playing GTA, Call of Duty, and other games they should play aren't you?

_LarZen_1135d ago

No it tells me it will be rated M for mature. But will be catered to teens with teen content. Made for "adults".

Phoenix761135d ago

Your comment tells me that your one of those kind of people who won't be buying fallout4, but still feel the need to comment on it for whatever reason.

Personally I can't wait to get my Pip-boy edition.

_LarZen_1135d ago

Waiting for my Pip-boy edition myself. So no your wrong :)

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