Dead Before Dawn - The Different Ways To Kill Every Character in Until Dawn

One of the many reasons players bought Until Dawn may be because it was a beautiful narrative game that touched all the reasons they watch horror movies, or even because it had the actor that plays Mr. Robot in it. However, the real reason is to kill all these jerks. It's not the player's fault, Until Dawn developers filled their slasher flick with all the usual slasher flick tropes. Sure, they may want to save Sam or Mike at first, all while murdering Emily every playthrough, but eventually players will feel that unrelenting urge to see all these stupid, shallow people get killed in new and exciting ways. Here's how!

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Forn1163d ago

It doesn't cover Josh's death opportunities...

soniqstylz1163d ago

"..Regardless of your choices during the Wendigo chase, Emily will get bitten.."

Not if she has the flare gun. Same for Matt, if he has the flare gun (and didn't shoot it off).