Gamer Debate: No Online = No Buy?

The multiplayer sphere has moved to the online realm and while most people still play with friends, internet friends have also taken places on our gamer "play card". More and more games come with an online mode and some have gone so far as to say that a game with no online isn't worth a purchase at all. Is that the case?

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Viktor E3819d ago

Paying for Online gaming is a disgrace

The Matrix3819d ago

No online = More time spent on development of the single player. Single player is what matters.

No online = good.

Viktor E3819d ago

After the lackluster Halo 3 Online experience,will future Xbox 360 games come with Online Modes?

ChickeyCantor3819d ago could use the EDIT button you know =).

Single player mode should never be taken lightly. Its important, online is great but its not always needed.( it just depends on the game)

Viktor E3819d ago

The Author forgot to touch on the Lag found Exclusively on the Xbox Platform

ChickeyCantor3819d ago

you have like 30 minutes to edit them, dont spam the space!

DreamcastFanboy3819d ago

Yeah even the Dreamcast's online never lagged like Xbox live.

Old Snake3819d ago

So are you bashing xbox or just online?

CViper3819d ago

So did this entire article just fail?

Will_Smith3819d ago

Uncharted too... i remember someone on GameFaq's saying that game would have been better with an online mode but seriously how would Uncharted work with an Online mode? Would it be like Gears of War, if so, i'd rather not because it would kill the story for me personally

mikeslemonade3819d ago

Personally i'm very conservative so I agree with this article just because an online game for me has the most replay value. However single player centric games account for the majority of game of the year awards.

solidt123819d ago

multiplayer is a plus but if the game is great I don't mine yes like Bioshock.

Superfragilistic3819d ago

Did this guy forget the RPG genre?

Oblivion, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, Tales, FFXIII, Star Ocean, Fallout 3, Fable 2, etc...

gaminoz3818d ago

An online-only game is too basic. Kill them, protect that. Sure it's fun but too basic an experience. Single player is WAY more important to me with story, new level types, etc. The depth of games with a good single player greatly outweighs a bunch of deathmatch games imo.

Second online is not what everyone wants, despite what Microsoft and others will say. I still like split-screen with friends and family over the drunk laggy swearfest with anonymous trained online commandos who take multi WAY too seriously.

If games all go online only, I'll give it up.

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SeanScythe3819d ago

Uncharted, Bioshock,Heavenly Sword, just to name a few grat singleplayer only games.

Rob0g0rilla3819d ago

Yup and all those games sold over a million

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