NGB | Tearaway Unfolded Review

NGB wrote: "Tearaway Unfolded surpassed all my expectations. It blew my mind and then some. I thought the PS Vita version was inspired, but this completely smashed it out of the park! Boundaries were demolished and several moments filled me with unexpected glee. Media Molecule has created a platforming masterpiece, one that features touching characters and some genuinely heart warming moments. I loved every single moment of the 15 hours I spent with it, even with increased difficulty compared to the PS Vita version. Working out the game’s puzzle and unravelling its secrets was a complete joy. I had light bulb moments aplenty, and I’m sure many of you will too. There’s so much here to enjoy, for everyone. Whether you’ve played the PS Vita version or are new to the series, Tearaway Unfolded is a must buy. Trust me, you will fall in love. I did."

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