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Although I used to play racing games for hundreds of hours, it really takes something special to get me hooked again. Recently, after the somewhat rushed release of Forza 5, I naturally gravitated toward other racers, including the Horizon series.

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Septic1162d ago

Dayum. Beast score. I was gonna hold out for a while but now im tempted to day one this!

Rookie_Monster1162d ago

You tell me. I already pre order the game months ago but now hearing about all these great scores, I'll just pay an extra $40 to get the Ultimate edition just to play it 5 days early with the extras.

Septic1162d ago

You get to play it 5 days earlier with ultimate edition??

RedCloud881162d ago

Preordered the ultimate version, kinda pissed to see people online with it before me tho. But whatever, two more days and I get football and forza back in my life!

Rookie_Monster1162d ago

Yes sir! I think it is the same deal in the UK as well. This will make the wait a little easier. ;)

StrayaKNT1162d ago

Best racing game ever just proved it's only getting better and better

greenmiker1162d ago

The game looks amazing, happy to see another nice score for it.

weirdo1162d ago

the 3d puddles are always in the same place

creeping judas1162d ago

I know eh! Nothing like the real world ones that move around to different places! Like if you are going to be making puddles in a racing game make them have legs and make them move like in real life!

Kiwi661162d ago

You mean to tell me that puddles aren't supposed to form in the same place everytime it rains , so you mean to tell me that the puddles that i see when it rains should be elsewhere , are you sure about that

RedCloud881162d ago


Please please please please please say you're joking.

weirdo1162d ago

i mean that they're not dynamic (so they're always in the same place and don't get bigger or dry up)

RedCloud881162d ago

Well it's still raining throughout the race so they shouldn't dry up, and I could be mistaken but I'm fairly certain they said the puddles get bigger over the course of the race.

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