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You can either look at Forza 6 as a 'driving game' or a 'racing game'. And, despite phenomenal quality (and I do mean phenomenal) throughout most of its production, it doesn't offer anywhere near the best driving experience available on console. As a racing game? I simply wouldn't call it that. I've been playing it all week and I've had one great race. One. Obviously, that is a problem.

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timlot1134d ago

One great race uh? Sorry I wont even indulge this review with a click. Game should have gotten a 1/5 if you didnt have a good race.

LAWSON721134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Guy must have played on easy settings, if you turn up the drivatars, get rid of some assists, there are some serious races to be had in Horizon 2 and F5, I doubt that is not the case with Forza 6. What a joke...

Septic1134d ago

Well he gave DC 4.5/5 so his opinion on all things racers is not exactly that valuable to me.

He is so far off his opinion on this game but meh, who knows, maybe he genuinely struggled to like it.

Black0ut1134d ago

Always a couple low scores but opinions will be just that, opinions...

Glad that the game has gotten a majority of 85% and up scores. Turn 10 should be very proud of themselves.

Great times to be a gamer! :D

JonnyBigBoss1134d ago

I submit the following evidence:

Reviewer Tweeted that Forza 6 would be perfect with GRID's arcade physics.
Reviewer stated that payouts are inconsistent. Their algorithm is 100% consistent and based on race duration.
Reviewer says that A.I. is inconsistent. He didn't understand the real driver based Drivatar system.
Reviewer gave Driveclub a. 4.5/5.

Based on this evidence I've come to the conclusion that the reviewer is uneducated on the game as well as racing simulators. He clearly prefers arcade racers, which is fine, but has unfortunately misled consumers due to this.

Septic1134d ago

Haha well said. Yeah that crossed my mind, especially the point about the AI

Rookie_Monster1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

the reviewer is a known fanboy and his bias is really showing when he review another console exclusive sim racer but gave it a stellar 4.5/5 and praising it to no end and also throw in a jab to Forza while reviewing it. Very unprofessional.

and here is his opening review post.

"You see that game on your shelf called Gran Turismo 5? Pick it up. Now drop it in the nearest bin and forget it ever happened. Gran Turismo 6 delivers the racer we always knew the PS3 and Polyphony were capable of. In fact, it’s so good that even its minor annoyances can’t hold it back from negating the generational divide and snatching back its title of ‘best console racing sim’, next-gen be damned.

Even on hardware from 2006, GT6 manages native 1080p, 60fps (except for replays and particularly busy moments), and grids full of immaculately-modelled, licensed cars. And it tops all of this off with day/night transitions and wet-weather racing. It’s the full package straight out of the box, making its next-gen competition (*cough* Forza 5) look like a demo. For lens flare effects. Yes, I just went there."

LOL, so he said one console sim is the greatest and gave it a 4.5/5 and said another one is not a racer and not fun and gave it a 3/5 when both series are about cars and sim racing. LMAO

Whatever, it is his opinion and the current 30 plus 9s and 10s out of 40 reviews so far across the board say otherwise.

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Deathdeliverer1134d ago

I'm still getting the game but nothing in this guys review seems like nitpicking or bad. Seems like an honest opinion backed by his experience with the game. Not every game can be a 10 nor will it be a 10 to everyone. After playing the demo I felt like it would end up being a 7.5- 8.5 game if it's feel stayed the same in the full product. Not a bad score at all. Plus with all the competition now, racing games have to bring something new or really standout in some way. After Forza 5 this one might not feel especially new outside of graphics and the boost cards. As a fan though that stuff can easily be easily Overlooked. Look at how well Halo or God of War sells. Fans support those games and the flaws aren't seen by them. The person that's not the fan that just bounces from game to game, has his/her fun and moves on to the next game calls a spade a spade. (Usually)
Hopefully I'm pleasantly surprised on launch day. (If my girl does not go full mario maniac on me since mario maker releases on the same day)

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