Gamers Universe: Devil May Cry 4 PC Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Although the Devil May Cry series has long been associated with the PlayStation brand and Microsoft was seen to be managing something of a coup by bringing the fourth title in the series to the Xbox 360, Capcom has in fact been dabbling with the Redmond monolith for some time with conversions released on the PC. But while these were often rather lazy ports, packing blurry graphics and weak optimisations for the higher resolutions that PC gaming provides, Devil May Cry 4 was designed from the ground up for HD gaming thanks to the current console generation and so Capcom was provided with a far stronger opportunity to create something that did a modern gaming machine justice.

Long time series hero Dante is back to help lay waste to another demon invasion triggered by the greed of men, but for this battle he'll be making sure to leave plenty of the fight to newcomer Nero who has every intention of saving the world and his girl despite the pesky demon infected arm he also has to contend with. From over the top boss battles to ridiculous dialogue, everything is in place for fans of that slightly quirky Japanese narrative style."

+High quality visuals
+Solid gameplay
+Amusing story
+Diverse move selection options

-Repetitive boss battles
-Level backtracking
-Not all difficulties unlocked from the star

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