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Ever since emerging onto the scene way back in the 70s, Racing games have successfully resonated with fans as an ever-evolving genre fueled by innovation, acceleration, and excitement. No matter how complex or difficult everyday life may be, these types of gameplay experiences always brought out the competitive spirit in people and served as the perfect distraction from the norm. In May of 2005, Turn 10 Studios contributed to this movement by introducing us all to Forza Motorsport, an ambitious racing game simulator that exceeded expectations and became a critically acclaimed franchise for the Xbox brand.

Now in its tenth anniversary year as a series, the latest entry is nothing short of marvelous and is destined to drive a lot of Xbox One Elite Controller and console sales this fall. Simply put, Forza Motorsport 6 leaves a historical imprint on the genre and convincingly takes the crown as the undisputed champion of racing games.

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rbailey1135d ago

This is one racing game that far exceeded all of my expectations. Definitely excited to see where Turn 10 takes the series from here.