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It’s teeming rain at Brands Hatch as my Volvo 850 Estate revs eagerly on the grid. Framed by a field of far sportier competitors the shiny red station wagon looks slightly absurd. But she’s a true sleeper car; from the outside she looks as if she ought to be packing nought but a cabin full of groceries and a back seat stuffed with squawking, snot-smothered kids but underneath she’s meanness set to music. She’s stripped of every excess kilo, turbocharged, stiffened, lowered, and converted to all-wheel-drive. Not even the fondly remembered 850 Estates of the ’94 British Touring Car Championship I built her in homage to could touch this thing.

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Rookie_Monster1134d ago

Wow, can't believed the scores this game is receiving so far!

I'll gladly even considering upgrading to the ultimate edition to play this game 5 days early as I just can't wait and the scores here and the majority also agreed too. Will be one of the best racers no doubt when release.

Septic1134d ago

I was expecting these kinda scores tbh. Well minus the 60 from gamesradar lol.

Turn 10 were intent on making good for Forza 5, which, even as a launch title, was impressive in its own right.

I'll deffo be buying this. Id be frankly silly not to! The best racing series just got better.

urwifeminder1134d ago

Yeah it is tempting but with the new bub I would fall asleep at the wheel ha ha, I will just wait for the physical release.

gapecanpie1134d ago

Turn 10 does it again .... This makes me consider getting a X1

Magicite1134d ago

What a year, so many high scoring games, its almost gamers paradise!

user99502791134d ago

I can believe it. could tell by the demo this would be well received, as if there was any doubt in the first place.

As far as I'm concerned, the scores indicate that it will probably end up being a 10 for me. Cant wait to get online. That's where Forza really shines.

TacticAce1134d ago

Apparantly its kumbaya season for reviewers and they are now giving 9's and 10's out like candy... Pretty soon there will be nothing "special" about it and it will be the industry standard...

Dont get me wrong, I'm not against having a ton of great games but I'm not sure if all this is true... People are even giving Until Dawn 10's...

Veneno1133d ago

There's no such thing as an honest review score anymore. Those days are done. Reviews now days are all driven by money hatting, hit seeking, and fan boyism.

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StrayaKNT1134d ago

Wow a 9 from ign. That must mean that this game is a masterpiece. Cant wait to play it :)

gfk3421134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

I cannot understand how a game like Forza 6 that doesn't have dynamic weather nor dynamic day/ night cycle, to be called a sim racer.

It's the essence of a simulator.

The lack of this feature also makes me questioning the high scores.

As long as a game has missing features how can it be rated so high.

But this is only my opinion.

georeo1134d ago

What games are there that have dynamic weather? Doesn't drive club? I'm not sure.

gfk3421134d ago


The vast majority have this feature, Project Cars being one of them.

Even GT5 (a 6 year old game) had such feature.

ChuckTheIceMan1134d ago

Driveclub does not have dynamic weather or lighting. It's a baked in timer for each race. If you restart the race it doesn't change differently than it did the last time. It's the same every time but it does change during some races. With Forza6 it's either day or night. Not that this couldn't change eventually but that's fine to me. When playing single player I don't like weather/light changes while I'm racing.

UkrainianWarrior1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Because in real life most of these races don't happen with a day-night cycle or in the frikkin snow or a monsoon, like driveclub? Because it doesn't really rain in Dubai, so you can't select a rainy track there? Dummy.

FunkMacNasty1134d ago

I'm not sure you've paid attention to Forza 6 news stories, or played the free demo that was on XBL last week. There is dynamic weather. You can try it out in the demo, and get a sense of why it's receiving high scores.

Either way, if you want to be that technical and call "dynamic weather" a missing component, than let's consider this: in real life, they don't hold races in inclement weather (outside of rally racing). They may race of the track is wet, but even then they have huge powered drying machines that are driven around the track to speed up the drying process. So, outside of a brief rain shower, or a little morning mist, races are cancelled for the type of weather we like to experience in driving games. Even in formula 1 - they have special rain tires and even still - they don't race if the rain is steady and persistent

lvl_headed_gmr1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

It's a racing sim. Dynamic weather and day/night cycles are irrelevant. The physics in the game are designed with day/night conditions as well as rain or dry conditions. Having a "cycle" is pointless in a 15 minute race. Driving in a set condition is what holds more weight.

Forza does so much more than any other racing sim yet the haters only want to focus on dynamic weather and day/night cycles. What next...every leaf on a tree blowing in dynamic wind?

Maybe Forza 7 will utilize cloud for those real world conditions.

When other racers are offering what Forza does like Mechanical/Physical damage and customization with 450 UNIQUE cars each with their corresponding physics with 24 cars in a race features ALL RUNNING AT 1080P 60FPS LOCKED then we can atart nit picking little features.

Christopher1133d ago

***I cannot understand how a game like Forza 6 that doesn't have dynamic weather nor dynamic day/ night cycle, to be called a sim racer. ***

What? What a ridiculous qualifying statement. A good simulation doesn't require that it have everything another game has, but that it does well what it does. And, obviously Forza 6 does what it does well.

That's like someone looking at Uncharted 4 and going "I cannot understand how a game like Uncharted 4 that doesn't have optional stealth gameplay nor upgradeable/rpg type elements, can be called a TPS action/adventure game."

Makes so little sense there.

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JMaine5181134d ago

This game is reviewing well. I'm not a big racing game fan but I'm happy to see this is a great one with the critics.

Black0ut1134d ago



Not long until we gamers can get our hands on it >:D

kingofhalo20501134d ago

Amazing, can't wait anymore!

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