Dungeon Travelers 2 (PS Vita) Review | CGM

JRPGs are notoriously difficult to review; even for die-hard fans of the genre. We have a limited grace period in terms of time we can spend playing a game before the review is due, and any JRPG worth its salt will have many times that worth of game content. This becomes a problem when you consider that JRPGs are notoriously… unsatisfying (for lack of a better word) for the first few hours or so. Gameplay tends to take a while to grow and develop over the course of the early to mid-game content, and most JRPGs survive this via a combination of story setup, aesthetics, and fan service. So what happens when the story setup is typically Japanese and convoluted, the aesthetics are that of a first-person dungeon crawler that mated with a bishoujo visual novel, and the fan service is semi-SFW loliporn?

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