Attack On: Metal Gear Solid V – On Quiet [Spoilers]

"Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain came out around this time a week ago and since then, gamers will have had enough time to sit down with the game and at least get to the point of picking up Quiet and adding her to your team. Of course, this means that there are also many outlets now talking about the scantily clad character, almost the same way that they did a year or so ago. Accusations of sexism and misogyny in relation to the characters design, as well as underplaying the significance of the character herself, has been all too common. As we’re currently playing through the game for the purposes of review, we thought we’d talk about our thoughts on the character of Quiet and her design." - Attack On Gaming

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OokuChicken1163d ago

Quiet is actually quite a well-rounded character. She just happens to be sexy.

Kosic1163d ago

The thing that got me was the female skulls are was more skimpier than quiet was. Quiet was just another boring character that I had no real connection with and they tried to disrupt that in a dramatic way and tbh that fell flat.

WitWolfy1163d ago

They should call Big Boss "Quiet too" he barely speaks in the game.. Fudge knows why Kojima got him to begin with...

OokuChicken1162d ago

Maybe because he's really a spoiler.

WitWolfy1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

He is as much a spoiler as much as what Hayter is in the Phantom Pain. Even on the IMDB page it says next to Kiefer name Venom Snake / Big Boss (voice). You can put your fan theories to rest young padawan.

I can spoil the entire game for you right now... But I wont.

OokuChicken1162d ago

You wouldn't be spoiling it for me, but everyone else. ;)