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Avalanche Studios takes the kitchen sink approach with Mad Max in the latest of its open-world video game endeavors. A desert hellscape that feels larger and more menacing than Australia’s outback? You got it. Extensive character unlocks and vehicle upgrades? Throw ‘em in. Races to partake in, camps to assault, convoys to clear, and other errands to run? Consider it done. The result is a Mad Max facsimile chock-full of activities to do and locations to tour, but the dozens of hours spent in this wasteland lack the staying power of Avalanche’s previous efforts.

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NewMonday1139d ago

like the Order the game had enough for some people to like and many things that turn people off.

and like the order it needs constructive criticism to help avoid the same problems in the future.

WB and Avalanche need to learn lessons from this and not simply think one formula can fit all games.

Psychotica1139d ago

Very fun game and worth the money. A little repetitive, like the bosses seem to be exactly the same, with same moves etc.

Shinuz1139d ago

Seriously? Well, according to steam i've played 7hrs and I didn't even meet one boss yet.

My verdict so far: a fun game with gorgeous landscape.

morganfell1139d ago

Bosses are in the Top Dog camps. Personally I disagree with this review as the game has been amazing.

Maxor1139d ago

This game, like Shadow of Mordor, is a litmus test to see if the reviewer is a gamer or a critic.

The gamer would be enthralled by the top notch car combat and spend hours upgrading his kit. The act of exploring the wasteland to slowly build the car and turning Max into a badass is something that is captivating to the gamer.

The critic would be annoyed by having to visits all these locations and how long it takes to farm scraps. He wants his upgrades and couldn't be bothered with having them gated behind so many conditions.

morganfell1139d ago

This analysis is simple and one of the best I have read. Bubbles.

skwidd1139d ago

Bang on! Never thought of it like that. I guess critics approach games in a different way because they just want to go through it and finish it to review it and in doing so cant enjoy some types of "challenges". Ones that take a bit of effort and time.

Scrivlar1139d ago

I don't think that's fair to put the blame on me for not liking Mad Max by categorizing me as someone who doesn't like visiting numerous locations and taking time to collect loot, I don't mind how long it takes to upgrade my character. 3 of my favourite games are Dark Souls, Fallout, And Skyrim so I think I smash all your theory's there. I had really high hopes for Mad Max but I'm finding the gameplay shit, I've honestly not played a game in a while with driving/steering that bad which is crazy for a game where driving is the majority of the game. The camera can be awkward as well and the bits on foot are pretty boring for me.

That one guy 861139d ago

I had fun for a good while, but then the repetitiveness wore me out. From there I focused solely on the story and it was okay. I'd give it a 7/10, car combat was fun and hand to hand excellent. The rinse repeat nature of all the side content was blah to me. The witcher 3 has set a new bar for side missions and content. Maybe I am just spoiled now.

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