Square Enix TGS 2015 promo teases “secret” stage event

Square Enix has released its full schedule and a promotional trailer for next week’s Tokyo Game Show in Chiba.

The trailer teases the company’s lineup of titles, including Final Fantasy XV, Dragon Quest Builders (including new CG footage), Star Ocean 5, Just Cause 3, and more.

Notable about its lineup of stage events is a stage event simply labeled “Secret” on September 19 at 12:30 Japan time. It’s possible it could be for a new title the publisher has yet to announce.

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Abash1135d ago

SE has been on a roll lately so I cant wait to see what this secret stage event will hold

NukaCola1135d ago

Fingers crossed for Chrono return..

littlezizu1135d ago

Fingers crossed for another PS exclusive from square.

3-4-51134d ago

Please be Dragon Quest 7,8 & 11 announcement for the U.S.

isarai1134d ago

PLEASE! have something to show on NIER, and PLEEEEAAAASE!! have plans to bring it West