Kombo: NCAA Football 09 Review

Kombo writes: "NCAA Footbll 09 is the continuation of the college football series that has spanned a number of generations and has a countless fans. Pick a team and work your way to the top by picking the right plays and starting a dynasty that will take you to legendary status.

If looks could kill, NCAA would be a first person shooter. The fluid animations, players, stadiums and goofy mascots look fabulous. But that is only one part of the larger equation. The game plays great. The first thing you'll notice is that this is a significant upgrade over last year's effort. Leading that change is the dynasty mode, which gives you control over an absurd amount of options and tools that would make a real college football coach jealous. You have complete control over your school's team and the direction you want it to go. If you are feeling a bit landlocked on your own console, you can take that data and transfer it to the open waters of online."

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