Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Raiden Suit Showcase and Gameplay

To get the Raiden Suit in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain you must complete all story missions with an S-rank (excluding duplicate missions with Extreme, Subsistence, Total Stealth mods).
This video shows what the costume looks like.

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ArchangelMike1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

"You must complete all story missions with an S-Rank"... well that counts me out then. I love my aerial bombardments way too much - even thoough they cost a fortune. It's funny though, why allow Snake to call in air support when it means he can't then get an S-Rank?

MetalGear811135d ago

That counts me out too. I have a lot of A-Rank though

LightofDarkness1134d ago

Because it's a stealth game, and Snake is a stealth operative. It's out of character/canon for him to do such things on missions. You're supposed to be playing as stealthily as possible, but just as in the real world, you're given whatever options you wish to tackle the situation. And just like in the real world, don't expect to be rewarded for reckless actions as well as you're rewarded for exacted, precision operations.

ArchangelMike1134d ago

I was under the impression that sleeping gas bombardment is a stealth option. I think it's a better option than sending in Quiet to assassinate everyone at the outpost o.0

Hueynewton20121134d ago

I agree, but thou shall not kill lol. For me i take too much time completing the mission without alerts and i still get penalized.I sure hope this suit is offered as dlc or a secondary way of obtaining it.

LightofDarkness1134d ago

Yeah, if there's one thing I'd knock the game for, it's the ranking system. You can go in loud, lethal and quick and get an S rank, whereas slow methodical stealth play is penalized because of time. I personally feel like S ranks should only be awarded to players who achieve the Perfect Stealth bonus.

Summons751134d ago

Because it was put in for people who need the game easier because they can't do the mission correctly the first time. Of course it's going to punish you for taking the easy way out.

ArchangelMike1134d ago

You are already penalised for calling in air support as it cost a small fortune. But the thing is I use the sleeping gas aerial bombardment - which technically should still be a stealth option as it just puts everyone to sleep. It doesn't really make the game easier either as the bombardment usually puts an outpost on alert if they are not all asleep. It's not really an "easy way out."

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Who1135d ago

Hope we have these special characters in MGO again.

boodi1134d ago

no super jump and katana .. why ..

Whitefox7891134d ago

Reason: Because he was an asset from Ground Zeroes for the Jamais Vu mission. He does jump much farther than BB but its not the super jump he can do in MGS4/Revengence cinematics. It is instead that edge jump. I remember modding Ground Zeroes to play through the main mission as him I would actually used the jump to knockout enemies by landing ontop of them.