Interview - Voice actress Ms. Hannah Telle speaks of her experience as Max in Life is Strange

Ms. Telle was kind enough to sit down and speak about her personal experiences and struggles voicing Max in Life is Strange, one of the most gripping experiences in gaming this year

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BenRage31134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Max is a very special character. Even though I am a male, I can totally connect with Max's experiences as a student. What I really appreciate about Life is Strange is the believability of the characters. None of them feel overly cliched if that makes sense. I really hope this game starts a trend of more female protagonists. It's just refreshing. It's very cool seeing the actress' face too--cutie.

If you haven't played through episode 4, there are some minor spoilers in the article, not a criticism, just a fair warning for my fellow n4g readers. Hannah Telle is totally on my radar--fantastic voice actress.