Does Owning More Than One Gaming Platform Make Any Sense?

Keith from The Outerhaven writes: Recently there was a thread I was involved with on NeoGAF, you can check out that thread here. The question that was asked was regarding owning multiple consoles and does it make sense anymore, especially since the number of 3rd party games outnumber the 1st party games. After skimming over several pages of that conversation, the answer I commonly noticed was that many gamers, including myself, tend to own multiple systems due to several factors including exclusive 1st party titles such as Halo, Uncharted, Super Mario, considering that many choose not to miss out on them. Makes perfect sense, right? Yet, at the same time, the counter-argument was that owning a system for just one or two games was pure insanity, a good point as well.

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mokkeyrg21135d ago

Your fighting game analogy is more on the nose than you might think. Sometimes, your old faithful will not get the job done, this is fact. Now, having a secondary or tertiary avenue will take away resources from your primary, but the fact of the matter is that if you're serious about it, you'll get left behind sometimes if you don't diversify. So is there reason? Yes and no, depending on how willing you are to get occasionally left behind.

suckingeggs1135d ago

If you can afford it ...variety is the spice of life

Mr Pumblechook1135d ago

Whilst I agree with @suckineggs that if you can afford it get all consoles. I have to say that so far this generation there has not been a lot of standout games to separate PlayStation and Xbox One. Sure there are the Bloodbornes and Titanfalls, but the majority of releases have has been third party. It's becoming prohibitively expensive for true exclusives. So in my humble opinion whilst both PS4 and XBO have each some nice unique games there is no need to own both - yet!

WalterWJR1135d ago

It makes sense to me, in my TV cabinet I have the PS2, PS3 and PS4. Right now the PS2 is played the most.

remixx1161135d ago

Exactly eggs, it costs a bit but the good games are starting to churn out, forza 6, bloodborne and until dawn are all cleaning up reviews and this will most likely be the norm going into next year.

Halo 5, tombraider, persona 5 and the like will close out the year exclusives nicely and street fighter, uncharted, quantum break, horizon, record, scalebound and the last guardian to name a few will offer an amazing 2016.

No need to bash a platform if you don't own it and saying dumb sh*t like "console xyz has no games I like" is BS, you just ain't tryna see the greatness baby.

freshslicepizza1135d ago

affordability is almost always the source of why we have so many trolls and fanboys who play a key role in the console wars. there are fun games on all the platforms yet they try and validate their decisions by downplaying games on other systems.

however there comes a point where too much is no longer feasible. i mean how many games can the average person take the time to actually enjoy with so many games out there? i am primarily a pc gamer and have plenty already to play. yet i am missing out on sports games like madden and nhl which both look very good this year, along with the rock steady mlb the show series. i also miss out on halo 5, forza 6 which both look incredible. same with bloodborne and many wii u games like splatoon, pikmin and mario kart.

lvl_headed_gmr1135d ago

I agree it's good have the best of both worlds.

However I regret buying my PS4 at launch because I feel it just isn't offering me anything new games and feature wise.

I was hoping to have KUF2 for the PS4 by now which is one of 2 reasons I bought a launch PS4, Deep Down is the other reason, but neither have released yet.

I would have just been happier owning my Xbox and being a single console owner until Deep Down and KUF2 finally released here in North America.

ninsigma1134d ago

Remixx, don't forget about dragon west heroes! I'm so looking forward to that! :D

And yeah owning as many of the platforms is the best way to go! It means you can play any game you like! Doesn't mean you don't have to have your preference anymore (mine is still ps4 despite having xb1, wii u and pc as well) but you do get to experience as much as you want which is amazing! My end of year is packed with destiny, tearaway, halo, Nathan drake collection, dragon quest heroes and star wars battle front. These games span the xb1, ps4 and pc. And if I'm lucky and my gf gets me the wind waker, that's a game for my wii u. Now, someone kindly find me a way to have more time for all these games!!

UnHoly_One1134d ago

I've always been a proponent of the "own all the things" approach to gaming, but so far this gen it has been a waste of money and of space beneath my TV.

I don't own a Wii U yet at all, basically out of bitterness about the Wii and how little I ever used that system. I have been thinking about picking one up finally, though, dependent on a price drop and maybe some official announcement of their new console.

I got both of the other 2 consoles at launch. One of them only because of one certain game that I felt I couldn't live without. That game came and went, and it was a huge disappointment to me, and that console has sat unused ever since, as the other exclusives have not appealed to me, and I prefer the other system for multiplats.

So basically I have had this console for nearly 2 years and it has been used for about 30 hours. It's a total waste. Now, in the future, there will certainly be more titles for it that I will pick up, but I really should have just waited.

In the future I think that is exactly what I will do, wait and pick up the other console later when it is cheaper and I have a bunch of exclusive stuff to play at once.

medman1134d ago

I thought nutmeg was the spice of life. Or was that garlic...ummm, I'm getting hungry, got to go....

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1135d ago

I would say it depends on how much of a gamer you are. Diversity is what keeps gaming interesting. There's not much diversity betweeen PC xbox and ps4 imo to justify gaming on all 3, mostly because there's so much diversity on each of them individually. Unless there's an exclusive that you simply must play. The wii however is set apart. You would do fine owning a wii and either one of the other platforms.

PhoenixUp1135d ago

It makes a lot of sense. The more platforms you own the broader your ability to play games becomes. Being a multiconsole/multihandheld gamer also has the added benefit of getting you to appreciate the gaming industry even more.

Tiqila1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

a trivial reason for owning multiple systems is that its the only way to play all exclusives you like. If you are more on the competitive side of gaming I think you would not need all those platforms, because then you probably would try to master a few games rather than playing a wide variety of games. I have some friends who only have (and need) a PC and they put a lot of effort into games like Starcraft II, Heroes of the Storm, WoW, Diablo 3, Dota 2, etc...

TheDrunkenJester1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

It also comes down to game taste, because I like a variety of different kinds of games I hardly have time to "master" any game. I am naturally good at all games, what is the saying? Jack of all trades, master of none? I buy all consoles because they give me a huge variety of choices, Xbox gives me a lot of my fun coop games with my brothers, Playstation gives me my cinematic story games and JRPG's, and Nintendo is a bit of both.

the-dragons-bane1135d ago

It does. I'm getting a PS4 so i can play new games, then I'm gonna build a gaming PC so i can play more games and after that i'm getting a WII U so i can play even MORE

ninsigma1134d ago

Ps4: Bloodborne.
PC: ori and the blind forrest.
Wii U: captain toad.

I highly recommend these three games for the platforms you'll be getting. All three make up my top 3 games of this generation and they offer different types of gaming from each other and from a lot of other games in general.

ZaWarudo1135d ago

It does, but unfortunately i do not have the luxury to afford multiple consoles as i once did. Also, i felt like i would've been satisfied by owning one console last gen, there were only a few times where i thought to myself "man, glad i own both!"

I'm sticking with PS4 this gen, mostly because japanese exclusives.