Bethesda Wants to Hear Your Favorite Fallout Wasteland Stories

Bethesda wants Fallout fans to get on Twitter and share their best Wasteland stories, be they dark, hilarious, or borderline disgusting.

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GigawattConduit1140d ago

Went to a playground in Fallout 3. Ended up being filled with land mines. Spent minutes disabling them all and hoarding them. Take one step toward a slide. Blew my legs off.
I no longer go to playgrounds.

TacticAce1140d ago

Bethesda needs to be more concerned with marketing the game... Like seriously? Their only marketing was E3, do they really think that only E3 will cover everything about this game? They didnt even have a gameinformer cover... Thats my story...

brish1140d ago

Do you work for gameinformer?

Erik73571140d ago

I remember blowing up megaton....pretty messed up. Then i went on a rampage on the TennPenny tower residents and got so much caps from selling everything because the only person I didn't kill was the security guard that sold you stuff and in Fallout 3 everyone magically forgets what you've done after 3 days

TheBurger291140d ago

Was roaming around with my best bud Dog Meat, found a teddy bear in a cart. Was like "this will do nice in my stash of random stuff" picked it up, super mutant behemoth decides to ruin my day.

GigawattConduit1140d ago

That was HIS teddy bear, his name was on the label!

TheBurger291140d ago

I. Dont. Care. My pile of random stuff in the corner of my home needed a pristine teddy and only that one would do. He later (after many attempts) got beat and blown up. NO teddy for him.

smashman981140d ago

Oh man so many stories I remember stepping out of the vault for the first time gazing upon the vast wasteland at first I thought I couldn't move because the vastness of it all was so overwhelming... But in fact my ps3 had just frozen was all

crazychris41241140d ago

Had to help defend a small settlement from super mutants in Fallout 3. They took forever to arrive so I fast forwarded about an hour or two. Soon as I resumed the game. 5 or 6 them spawned 50 feet in front of me. Thank god only 1 of them had a minigun or I would have been screwed.

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