GameArgus Review: NCAA Football 09

GameArgus writes: "Hardcore fans of college football know the idea of an incoming prospect not living up to the hype all too well. At first their workout numbers look good, they say all the right things, and eventually even start to generate a positive buzz from the fans that have checked him out. However, as training camp comes along and everything is seemingly going as planned you start to notice things unravel. He shows flashes of brilliance at times, but most of that's after he's spent all day in the trainers room and lost a week's worth of practice from being hurt all of the time.

In many ways, these same feelings are conveyed while playing NCAA Football 09. While it certainly plays a decent game of football to the average onlooker, digging a little deeper reveals that much of its core isn't ready to step on the field full-time and make the impact it's capable of."

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