1UP: Battlestar Galactica Review

Enjoy playing games on your mobile phone while you can -- once that hunk of network-enabled plastic becomes self-aware, it's gonna want to play Yahtzee with your charred skeletal remains. At least, that's the idea (in a manner of speaking) behind Battlestar Galactica, a TV show in which the human race is struggling to stay one step ahead of metallic killing machines called Cylons. Thankfully, gamers won't have to worry about this tie-in mobile game getting too smart and destroying humanity anytime soon.

In fact, Battlestar Galactica feels more like a throwback to vintage arcade-shooter Galaga than a 21st-century game based on a Sci-Fi Channel remake. A few bonus stages channel Ikaruga -- requiring you to switch between two types of guns to clear a floating minefield -- but most missions steer you on a direct course through waves of enemy ships.

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