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Disney Infinity 3.0 is the 3rd game in the toys-to-life genre to come out in as many years. While 2.0's The Avengers play set that was included in the starter set was a disappointment, there was hope that with 3.0's addition of Star Wars would not repeat the mistakes of 2.0. Is the Force strong with this game or has it turned to the Dark Side? Check out our review and find out how you can win our Disney Infinity 3.0 prize pack.

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CyanocittaCristata1138d ago

"You can play the entire game and it's side missions with only the two included figures in the play set."

Very glad that this is the case.

vikingland11138d ago

I've been supprised by all the good reviews. Might get this some day.

GoPanthers9991138d ago

The game is amazing, trust me. It borrows elements from past SW games Episode 3 movie game (if you can remember it), the Force Unleashed, etc. An actual storyline based campaign with cut scenes, an incredible Toy Box Hub you can spend hours in. Creative tools that rival the best games in the genre and so much more. My kids and I were blown away by the improvements. -The reviewer failed to drive home just how great this game is.

vikingland11137d ago

I was having a tough time deciding between this game and Tearaway Unfolded. I finally decided on Tearaway Unfolded. But I will get Star Wars Infinity in the future for sure. Thanks for taking the time to give me a good recommendation.