Gamer Headlines: AntharioN Review

In Rememberance of Ultima

Back in the day, when all there was, was tabletop, pen and paper RPGs. This is the type of video game that we were dreaming about. Incidentally, this is the type of game that we got with the Ultima series for the SNES. Now, anyone that played any of the Ultima games will experience some nostalgia while playing AntharioN. However, many gamers missed out on that series entirely. AntharioN enables all gamers to experience this piece of RPG history and relive this moment in time. Going back in time, one of the mechanics that is present in AntharioN is the ability to fail at spell casting completely. This is a mechanic that we use to lovingly refer to as spell fizzling. It’s a mechanic that isn’t present in modern RPGs, and I really like that this has been added into AntharioN.

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