GameArgus: Review: Big Beach Sports

GameArgus writes: "During Nintendo's E3 press conference, Reggie Fils-Aime proudly proclaimed that out of the 250 third party Wii games, all of 19 had reached 400,000 copies sold. That's not a particularly good stat, though it's not hard to why. We have definitive proof in shovelware like Big Beach Sports (apparently a cousin or something to Small Beach Sports?).

One of those oh-so-not-fun mini-game collections, Beach Sports collects six games completely devoid of features or redeeming fun. After creating a character that looks like a Mii but isn't through a miserable and frustrating menu system, you'll be able to enter into one of the sports. Football, soccer, bocce ball, disc golf, volleyball, and cricket are your selections in this journey to the mundane."

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