Question of the Day: First Nintendo Game?

8-Worlds News' inaugural Question of the Day feature asks what players' first Nintendo game that they ever played was.

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jchaplin21161d ago

The original Super Mario Bros was the first Nintendo game I played ; it was enjoyable but I liked Legend of Zelda more.

mindtwang1161d ago

Such a great game to have as your first :D

marloc_x1161d ago

I put hours into Super Mario Bros at the local Kmart kiosk..😊

uth111161d ago

Probably Donkey Kong in the arcades for me

BlackTar1871161d ago

most likely Super Mario on NES or Donkey Kong in the arcade.

chrisx1161d ago

super mario bros...can never forget that amazing feeling,and that 2nd level underground

FunkyGoron1161d ago

Duck Hunt obviously

I didn't care about plumbers that could jump at 5 but I did want to shoot ducks with a big orange gun.

Fuck that dog.

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The story is too old to be commented.